The future of luxury travel will be defined by smart tourism
09/08/2021|10:22:05 AM|Skift

Luxury travelers increasingly want their trips to positively impact the people and places they visit as the global climate crisis continues to grow. Destinations have worked for years to make themselves more sustainable and encourage tourists to respect the environment while considering things like energy and water usage and food waste when traveling. 

Research from Altiant found that 44 percent of affluent consumers in Europe, Asia, and North America are prepared to spend 10 percent more on travel if it helps to protect the environment, and 39 percent would spend more than 10 percent extra. Another affluent traveler survey from Virtuoso found that nearly 70 percent of respondents feel traveling sustainably enhances the vacation experience.

As Varsha Arora, Skift senior research analyst, explained in Skift’s Sustainability in Travel 2021 report, “Destinations have started taking sustainability seriously with growing media pressure and traveler awareness, but have a long way to go to make significant reductions in emissions long-term.” 

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