Here are the destinations in Europe paying digital nomads to work there
09/07/2021|3:17:34 PM|Euronews

An influx in remote working following the pandemic means thousands of Europeans are embracing digital nomad life.

So much so that a number of destinations are willing to pay families, entrepreneurs, and wannabe home renovators to live and work there.

Sometimes referred to as “Zoom towns”, these places often come in the form of quaint, tourist-friendly villages that need a little TLC, but can also encompass entire countries.

Many factors contribute to where a remote worker decides to set up shop. Luckily, a growing number of places are making offers they hope you can’t refuse, to the tune of as much as €44,000.

The combined economic value of the global digital nomad community is a gigantic €669 billion, making it an unquestionably worthwhile investment.

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