Hyperloops and sleeper trains: The tech making rail travel in Europe more accessible than ever
09/07/2021|2:33:38 PM|Euronews

Rail travel in Europe is back in demand, there’s no question about it.

Flights across the continent are relatively short, no matter where you go, leading many to ask whether they’d be better off - environmentally and financially - moving around by train.

COVID-19 has inevitably played a role in our decisions, too. So much so that the European Commission declared 2021 as the Year of the Rail to celebrate people exploring by train.

Traditional railway companies are recognising the need to build on this velocity. France’s impending ban on flights under 2 hours has spawned plans for to once again embrace innovative domestic travel between places such as Nice and Paris. Routes that up until recently were considered deadweights compared to cheap flight options.

That said, it’s newer startups and technologies that are leading the way in reimagining what it means to travel across Europe by train.

Luxury overnight sleepers, fast magnetic tracks, and new mobile apps are all on the horizon in an exciting time for the continent’s railways.

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