Group data shows user interest in international travel gaining momentum
08/24/2021|2:27:47 PM|PR Newswire Group, a leading global travel service provider, has released data showing strong demand for cross-border travel, and shared how it is cooperating with hotel partners to best enhance their presence throughout the travel recovery. Group search data from its Ctrip platform reveals Chinese travellers are showing increasing interest in travel to Europe, with search volumes for European flights and hotels skyrocketing this summer. Compared to 2021 pre-summer (1st Jan. - 20th June) searches, Ctrip search volume for European flights grew by over 150% in July, and continue to rise in August, peaking on 12th August over 320% higher than the pre-summer volume. Similarly, Ctrip user searches for European hotels have risen sharply too. 

In August alone, searches for European hotels rose by an average of 80% compared to the Jan. – June average, with the highest search volume recorded on 9th August up almost 120% on 2021 pre-summer levels.

Hotel bookings made by UK users in the second quarter of 2021 saw 173% year-on-year growth, and those made by France and Germany users rose by 52% and 64% respectively. The UK, France and Germany ranked among the top ten hotel destinations by global booking volume during the same period, and flight bookings made by UK, France and Germany users in June rose by over 200% in each market year-on-year.

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