Beijing to develop tourism around Universal Studios
08/23/2021|12:39:07 PM|PR Newswire

The Chinese capital city will promote a series of tourist destinations near Universal Studios Beijing ahead of the theme park's grand opening.

According to local authorities, Beijing is planning to develop a special tourist route that encompasses the Universal Studios theme park in Tongzhou district as well as its nearby destinations such as the Grand Canal, the Songzhuang artist village, the Taihu town, and the Zhangjiawan ancient town.

The route would help tourists to enjoy beautiful sceneries, experience intangible cultural heritage and modern arts, and relax with plenty of outdoor activities in the area.

The development plan is part of the city's efforts to boost tourism and become an international hub for consumer spending. 

Areas around the route will strengthen their infrastructure and build more hotels and homestay inns to meet the growing demand, according to a person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism.

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