Fully-vaccinated Taiwanese eager to travel: survey
08/12/2021|2:22:02 PM|The Liberty Times

More than 84 percent of those fully vaccinated are eager to travel abroad, while 40 percent of them said that they hope to travel before the end of next year’s winter break, a survey released yesterday by the Chinese-language Xinmedia found.

The survey, which was conducted last week, showed that about 6 percent of respondents had received two COVID-19 vaccine doses, while 44 percent had received one dose and 49 percent had yet to receive one.

Among those fully vaccinated, 20.3 percent said that they hoped to travel overseas by the end of this year, while 19.7 percent said that they hoped to travel abroad during the Lunar New Year holiday or during the winter break.

However, 19.1 percent said that their overseas travel plans were unlikely to materialize before next summer.

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