Macau testing blitz complete with all 716,000 tests returning negative COVID-19 result
08/09/2021|11:44:55 AM|IAG

Macau completed its COVID-19 testing blitz on Friday, with all 716,000 tests conducted returning negative results.

According to information from the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre, a total of 614,465 people were tested under the SAR’s citywide free testing program while another 101,786 people underwent a test at their own expense. It was confirmed on Sunday morning that there had been no positive results.

The hugely encouraging news comes after a family of four Macau locals tested positive last week, sparked by the daughter having recently returned from a trip to Zhuhai. The cases prompted the Macau government to implement a citywide testing blitz to ensure any potential outbreak was quickly nipped in the bud.

As of 4pm Sunday, only 4,704 people in Macau had not yet received a COVID-19 test with 2,259 of those being Macau residents. The health authority has urged them to receive tests as soon as possible or potentially face a forced 14-day medical quarantine.

According to Health Bureau officials, the city is not planning to implement another testing blitz again soon.

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