Marriott’s new CEO sat down with TPG to talk Bonvoy benefits, hot breakfast and more
07/22/2021|11:31:41 PM|The Points Guy

Long before he was interested in hotels, Anthony “Tony” Capuano wanted to be a fighter pilot.

Capuano obtained a congressional nomination to the U.S. Naval Academy, but his eyesight wasn’t good enough to fly.

Today, Capuano, 55, finds himself at the helm of the world’s largest hotel chain as major industrialized nations emerge from the coronavirus pandemic and others desperately wait for vaccines.

He was appointed to lead the company in February, following the death of long-time CEO Arne M. Sorenson from pancreatic cancer at age 62.

Marriott has a history of dealmaking, and for decades, Capuano has been at the forefront.

“But the one thing I will say to you: I have never, nor will I, advocate to add a brand just … for growth’s sake,” Capuano said. “And when you look at the brands we’ve added over the last decade, or so, there are some common threads. Sometimes [like with AC and Protea] they have given us a foothold in a market where we struggled mightily to grow organically.”

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