Aurora Mobile partners with social network service provider Mafengwo to strengthen its lead in the OTA market
07/16/2021|12:28:29 PM|GlobeNewswire

Aurora Mobile, a leading mobile developer service provider in China, announced that it has entered into a partnership agreement with Mafengwo Travel, a leading travel social network service (SNS) platform in China that encourages users to share their travel experiences. By leveraging the strengths of both companies, Aurora Mobile will help Mafengwo upgrade its intelligent marketing capabilities, digital operations and boost its competitiveness in the tourism industry.

As China's leading online travel and leisure platform with almost 7 million unique visits per month and a user base of over 100M, Mafengwo is a one-stop portal with user-generated travel guides, e-commerce capabilities and caters to booking and travel arrangements for different occasions. The widely popular SNS platform understands what young people want, and takes travel to the next level by delivering best-in-class tailored experiences. Users can easily search for travel information on more than 60,000 destinations worldwide, and book from transport, hotels, attractions, restaurants, shopping, car rental to local leisure activities.

Leveraging its industry-leading, AI-powered and machine learning-driven push notification and advanced analytics capabilities, Aurora Mobile will help Mafengwo connect millions of users to the best travel products and service providers around the world, enhance decision-making on tailored travel itineraries and deliver optimum travel experiences. At the same time, product iterations and digital upgrading of the online travel platform will help it meet rising demand, improve merchants’ profitability and transform the industry’s value chain. This cooperation demonstrates the industry-wide acclaim and trust that Aurora Mobile commands for the robust technical capabilities and services it offers to leading travel SNS platforms in China.

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