Revenge travel is trending, but destination price determines where 87% of consumers go
07/15/2021|12:21:19 PM|Businesswire

After a year stuck at home, the majority of U.S. consumers, 70%, say they want to start traveling again, with more than 50% planning one to two vacations in the next six months, according to Discover’s annual travel survey.

Following a stressful and socially distant year, 66% of consumers are planning trips between one to six days in length and report their top reasons for wanting to take a vacation are:

· to relax, 37%

· visit family and friends, 18%

· and experience a change of scenery, 10%

Of those looking to spend time with family, Boomers lead the charge, 28%, compared to 18% of Gen X, 12% of millennials and 9% of Gen Z. The survey found Gen Z is looking for adventure while traveling, 21%, compared to 12% of millennials, 10% of Gen X and 7% of Boomers.

When polled in April, 42% of consumers said they already felt comfortable traveling, and 12% said they would feel comfortable traveling when vaccines were widely available to everyone in the U.S.

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