Group chairman James Liang meets Spanish Secretary of State for Tourism to discuss cooperation
07/14/2021|2:32:22 PM|PR Newswire

On 12th July, Group chairman and co-founder, James Liang, met Fernando Valdés Verelst, Spain's Secretary of State for Tourism and president of Turespaña (Spanish Institute for Tourism) to discuss deepening ties between the leading travel service provider and top destination nation. 

The meeting took place at the offices of the Secretary of State for Tourism in Madrid and focused on developing collaboration between the two parties to promote Spain as a destination for outbound Chinese and Asian tourists following the opening up of global travel.

Throughout the pandemic, Group has maintained and built cooperation with destinations in preparation for the restoration of global travel. With the easing of travel restrictions across Europe and as the global vaccination rollout continues, the Group chairman and Spanish government officials explored opportunities for collaboration to promote travel to Spain following the control of the pandemic. 

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