New pricing structure for Shanghai Disneyland to commence next year
07/12/2021|11:45:28 AM|Shine

Shanghai Disneyland is set to raise its prices next year, according to a public notice of pricing rate adjustment.

Starting from January 9, 2022, the "Regular" price of admission, covering most weekdays and selected weekends, will increase from the current RMB 399 (USD 62) to RMB 435.

The "Regular Plus" price of admission covers selected weekends and weekdays, and is set to rise from the current RMB 499 to RMB 545.

The "Peak" price of admission covers most of the days during the summer season, selected Chinese statutory holiday periods (including its shoulder days), internationally recognized celebration periods, park special event days and other peak visitation days. The price will increase from RMB 500 to RMB 659.

And the "Peak Plus" price of admission, covering selected Chinese statutory holiday periods, park special event days and selected days during the summer season, will increase from RMB 699 to RMB 769.

Shanghai Disneyland will continue to offer the pricing calendar on a rolling 90-day basis to allow sufficient time for guests to make choices and plan their trips to the park.

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