The new rules for acquisition, experience and loyalty in travel
07/09/2021|12:51:57 PM|PhocusWire

For travel marketers, the next few months in 2021 are a make-or-break moment.

As brands navigate which consumers are likely to book a quick overnight over versus who’s itching to jump on a plane to cross the country, or even overseas, it will be critical to target messaging based on travel readiness.

More than ever, travel marketers need accurate, granular data to target individuals and connect with them on a deeper level - one that makes them feel seen, heard and, most of all, protected.

After all, anxieties are running high this season - but people are also in need of a vacation.

So what does the new normal look like across acquisition, experience and loyalty marketing as travelers - both eager and cautious ones - emerge from lockdown?

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