Ucommune's Shenyang project achieves 98.22% occupancy rate in less than 9 months via asset-light model
07/06/2021|11:16:28 AM|PR Newswire

Ucommune International Ltd., a leading agile office space manager and provider in China, today announced that its managed service project at Shenyang Tongfang Building under the asset-light model (the "Project") achieved a 98.22% occupancy rate as of June 30, 2021, in less than nine months since its inception. The Project is located in Shenyang, the largest city in Northeast China, and has approximately 1,940 square meters and 394 seats. This strong performance once again demonstrates the Company's ability to help landlords better utilize their property resources and increase their occupancy rates through its asset-light model.

The Company's asset-light model allows both parties to leverage their unique competitive advantages and share in the resulting economic benefits. Through this model, the Company's landlord partners rely on the Company to operate their spaces while gaining access to the Company's digital management systems, marketing capabilities, and corporate service resources. As a result, landlords are able to generate more revenues through improved property utilization as well as reduce their labor and time costs for attracting new enterprises to move into their office spaces. Meanwhile, moved-in enterprises also benefit significantly from this type of cooperation as the synergies between the Company and its landlord partners enable them to achieve more robust development over the long term.

Ucommune brings substantial advantages to its landlord partners, their moved-in enterprises, and the local economies in which it operates. Through its efforts, Ucommune develops shared workspaces and entrepreneurial incubators dedicated to the growth of innovative companies. Ucommune is committed to becoming a pillar in each of the business communities that it serves, working in line with the government's policies to promote commercial dynamism, and supporting the growth of local companies to cultivate business ecosystems that are both innovative and entrepreneurial.

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