Marketing event "Meet Your Shaanxi Dream, Traveling in Shaanxi" ends in success
07/01/2021|12:44:09 PM|PR Newswire

The tourism brands' "going global" marketing event "Meet Your Shaanxi Dream, Traveling in Shaanxi" ended in success on June 20th. Consisting of online celebrities' six-day experience in Shaanxi and marketing activities held via overseas social media for a month, this event integrated sightseeing in Shaanxi with experiencing Shaanxi culture and folk customs. It enabled fans from all over the world to have an immersive experience of the lively, vigorous Shaanxi culture and tourism while getting to know the natural landscape, delicacies and history of Shaanxi.

Six online influencers from Turkey, Nigeria and South Korea were invited to appreciate the cultural and natural tourist resources of Shaanxi such as the Bell Tower, the Emperor Qinshihuang's Mausoleum and the Hukou Waterfall in five routes including the Morning Bell of Shaanxi, Traveling back to the Great Qin, as well as Visiting Chang'an of Tang.

During the event, Shaanxi synchronously presented the thriving "Meet Your Shaanxi Dream, Traveling in Shaanxi" offline activities by means of photos, videos and fun interaction on overseas social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. This event received altogether over 5.3 million views on overseas social media platforms, with relevant videos viewed for over 780,000 times, creating an all-round immersive experience for fans across the world.

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