Hainan carried out nearly a hundred activities to promote intangible cultural heritage
06/17/2021|6:59:45 PM|PR Newswire

The 1st Nanshan Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival in 2021, where Huang Yuying demonstrates her techniques, is one of the intangible cultural heritage-oriented activities that celebrates the Cultural and Natural Heritage Day held by Hainan Free Trade Port, the only free trade port in China. Centering around the theme of "intangible cultural heritage of people and for people", the Hainan Bureau of Tourism and Culture carried out nearly 100 activities in the province, mainly in exhibition sites at Haikou city, Sanya city, Wuzhishan city, Ding'an county, and Baoting county. The rich variety of cultural events has enabled residents, tourists, and the entire society to benefit from the preservation of intangible cultural heritage and the achievement of related R&D.

Apart from the Nanshan Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival in Sanya, Hainan Intangible Cultural Heritage Shopping Festival was held in the Haikou exhibition site on the same day. The "live broadcast promotion + offline fair" attracted nearly 800,000 participants. The exhibition site in Wuzhishan focused on the demonstration of techniques of intangible cultural heritage, with nearly 100 inheritor representatives of intangible cultural heritage showcasing their talents. The exhibition site in Ding'an invited famous local performing artists to present the audience with Hainan opera, puppet shows, Danzhou folk music, and other traditional music and operas included in the list of intangible cultural heritage in need of protection. The exhibition site in Baoting launched a curriculum design competition for intangible cultural heritage study, an itinerary design competition for intangible cultural heritage study, and other activities, to explore how "intangible cultural heritage + study + tourism" can be integrated with modern life.

Residents and tourists that follow the progress of Hainan's intangible cultural heritage inheritance R&D will find that Hainan has taken comprehensive measures to make intangible cultural heritage closer to people's daily lives and to introduce young people to their rich cultural heritage. Many intangible cultural heritage handicrafts and creative cultural products such as vases, tea sets, and tableware not only explicitly embody the characteristics of intangible cultural heritage but also demonstrate their properties as artwork and practical objects. Zhou Renci, the inheritor representative of seashell carving at the provincial level, said that he had been cooperating with vocational schools over the past few years to implement training courses of intangible cultural heritage techniques, hoping that the cultural heritage programs which contain the wisdom of humanity can be studied and accepted by more young people.

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