Thanyapura tied the knot with Changshu National New & Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone
05/29/2021|5:17:32 PM|Thanyapura

The world leading sports and wellness lifestyle company Thanyapura partnered with Changshu National New & Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, held the signing ceremony for their new resort in the city. Thanyapura has been since the beginning focusing on healthy lifestyle resorts with personalized sport, nutrition, wellness and health service, and now this is a perfect fit with the government's focus on sports, health and well-being and the people's focus on a strong immune system and healthy lifestyle after the COVID-19. The project extends the road map of Thanyapura in China continuing the provision of professional services for growing segment with health and wellness focuses. 

Located in the southern Jiangsu, Changshu is affluent with natural resources and beautiful landscapes. The city is also ranking high in many areas including economy, culture, finance, exhibition, and shipping centre. Designed by Maupin Architectural Design, the resort is located in the heart of Kuncheng Lake. Thanyapura, anchoring their footprint in Changshu, is going to embrace the advantages of the city providing a green and harmonious lifestyle. 

Mayor of Changshu, Yafei Jiao believed the resort will further enhance the living quality in the area, to boost economic development and cultural tourism. The cooperation with Thanyapura will unveil a new journey for the city in sports and wellness. 

Philipp Hardenberg, the President & CEO of Thanyapura expressed that the pursuit of safety and healthiness, due to COVID-19, boosted the demand of healthy and sustainable lifestyle. The resort will be the example for project developers to explore opportunities in sports- and health- themed collaborations. 

Thanyapura was set up in 2010 which has become a leading sports and wellness company. Headquarters located in Singapore, it is a lifestyle destination that combines sport, wellness and nutrition under one roof. Our mission is to create a space and a community that engages people to be healthier and happier. Based on a unique three-dimensional coaching model for the mind, body and soul, Thanyapura has been created to help everyone optimize their life and live a more fulfilling life through education, mind management, sport health.

The "UWC-Innovation Island" where Thanyapura’s located is an important part of the development strategy of the emerging industries of Changshu New & High-tech Development Zone, and is positioned as a composite science and technology innovation park, that will actively seize new opportunities for digital economic development, with UWC, Shanghai Gaojin Financial Research Institute and other platforms as a support, to promote the "UWC and Innovation Island" to become a financial science and technology innovation gathering area.

Construction of the Thanyapura Sports and Health Resort Changshu will be started from second half of this year, expected project completion in 2024. A brand new hub of sports and wellness will be welcoming guests from Yangtze River Delta Area.