Oman looks to China for tourism and technology
04/19/2021|10:27:16 PM|China Daily

Oman hopes to revive its tourism sector and boost its digital economy under stepped-up cooperation with China.

Oman, a member of the League of Arab States, has said it is opening all its economic sectors to Chinese investment. Apart from tourism and information technology, the Middle Eastern nation has identified human resources as another area with scope for greater engagement with China.

Norafidah Ismail, a lecturer at the School of International Studies at Universiti Utara Malaysia, said cooperation on the digital economy between China and Oman "is imperative and urgent".

China and the 22-member League of Arab States signed the agreement on March 29, a landmark move aimed at upgrading their digital ties and building on collaboration against cyber threats while promoting technological development.

Besides virtual connectivity, China and Oman have agreed to do away with visas for travelers from the two countries, with the partnership also leading to agreements related to culture, media and health.

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