77% of Hongkongers would prefer a faraway vacation over finding true love

Booking.com has revealed the results of a new travel survey that reveals just how badly Hongkongers are aching to vacation once again.

When it comes to post-pandemic priorities, 77% of Hong Kong travelers admitted they would rather go on vacation in 2021 than find true love, while 68% would pick travelling over success at work. It seems that promotion can wait.

The availability of vaccines has been a primary source of optimism for would-be travelers. 66% of Hongkongers felt hopeful about travelling in 2021 due to the vaccine rollout, and 54% state they won't travel internationally until they have been fully inoculated. Hesitation remains however, as 52% report skepticism about whether or not the vaccines will truly make travel safer.

It hasn't stopped Hongkongers from planning for, or at least dreaming about, the future. 63% of respondents stated they had already planned future trips, 57% had banked more vacation days and 55% felt that, at the very least, they would be able to hit the beach by summer.

And with or without the vaccines, 71% of Hongkongers would happily accept having to wear a mask when travelling, while 68% would even support a "no mask, no travel" ban.

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