US President Biden talks of supersonic travel within ten years
04/08/2021|6:04:41 PM|Flight Global

President Joe Biden has raised the prospect that supersonic civil aircraft might be crossing the world’s skies within the next ten years.

President Biden on Wednesday sought to sell his $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan by pulling out some decades-old promises of futuristic technologies like a transcontinental bullet train that’s as fast as planes and supersonic jets that circle the globe in one hour.

He did not say if or how his administration intends to further support supersonic advancements, and a broad review of Biden’s infrastructure proposal, released by the White House, makes no mention of supersonic jets.

Both NASA and the Federal Aviation Administration, however, are already working on supersonic projects, as are several US manufacturers.

“Next ten years… We are going to talk about commercial aircraft flying at… supersonic speeds,” Biden says.

“If we decided to do it”, such aircraft will “travel 2,100 miles per hour”, he adds.

Biden’s timeline does align roughly with plans set out by various US companies working to develop supersonic jets.

Aerion Supersonic, for instance, is developing a supersonic business jet called AS2 that it hopes will be flying passengers in 2027.

Another company, Boom, aims to fly its XB-1 supersonic demonstrator this year and to develop a supersonic airliner called Overture that will make first flight in 2026.

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