Seaplane Hong Kong wants to ferry passengers in drones for $25
03/26/2021|11:15:53 AM|Simple Flying

Zipping around Hong Kong in a drone might seem far-fetched, but would-be startup airline Seaplane Hong Kong is eyeing that possibility. With short travel times and low fares, Seaplane Hong Kong thinks their plans for urban air mobility vehicles, or drones, could be just the thing to beat Hong Kong’s congested street traffic. 

“We can literally land on top of buildings,” said Seaplane Hong Kong’s CEO Steven Cheung this week when discussing his plans.

Mr Cheung is behind ambitious plans to run a fleet of seaplanes offering aerial sightseeing, charter, and air taxi services around Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area. Seaplane Hong Kong plans to use a fleet of 19 seat Twin Otter amphibious planes and make hiring one as simple as flicking open your smartphone. 

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