Measured approach needed to bring back travel
03/01/2021|2:26:41 PM|SCMP

Life is not back to normal until traveling returns, so it would seem. For Hongkongers, the urge to venture beyond the city after a long year under Covid-19 is even stronger.

High on the agenda is the postponed deal with Singapore. Abruptly put on hold in November because of a fresh community outbreak, the agreement would have enabled quarantine-free traveling for those with negative test results.

Whether vaccination would become a new requirement remains to be seen, but there have been suggestions that more safeguards are being considered.

Consideration also should be given to cross-border traveling in due course. Since November, a quarantine exemption has been provided for Hongkongers with negative test results returning from Guangdong province and Macau under a special daily quota. But outbound travel is still subject to restrictions upon arrival.

Now that the community vaccination program is in full swing, a gradual decline in infections would pave the way for relaxation.

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