Tourist attractions adopting crowd control measures for holiday
02/12/2021|11:56:31 AM|China Daily

Eighty percent of the country's A-class tourist attractions will be open as usual during the seven-day Spring Festival holiday, a senior official of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism said on Wednesday.

Hou Zhengang, an official from the ministry's market management department, said at a news conference in addition to the seasonal closure of tourist attractions in some areas in the north of the country, as well as those under strict epidemic prevention and control requirements, 80% of the country's A-class tourist attractions will operate normally to meet the public's needs during the holiday.

At the same time, all A-class tourist attractions will limit tickets sold daily, ask for reservations and encourage staggered visits to avoid mass gatherings, he said.

The ministry also encouraged localities to promote tourism services, including urban tours, suburban tours, rural tours, road trips and festival-themed tours and organize local cultural activities in an orderly fashion.

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