FCM Travel Solutions unveils its China HUB solution
02/03/2021|4:51:01 PM|ChinaTravelNews

Global travel management company FCM Travel Solutions has unveiled its China HUB solution for clients in mainland China. 

The solution is fully integrated with FCM China’s product capabilities as well as its consultant dashboards. Hosted with Alibaba Cloud, the cloud-based platform was built to meet compliance requirements to China’s updated cybersecurity law which was enforced in October last year, ensuring that sensitive data for travelers would be stored within China.

China HUB was created in situ in mainland China, and as a standalone outside of the TMC’s main portal. With no connection to the global TMC’s main HUB, this ensures that that the platform would be fully-compliant to the updated law and can be maintained more efficiently. Often, MNCs and global enterprises need to transfer information outside of China, and the cybersecurity law requires sensitive data to be stored domestically. The Personal Data Protection Law was updated and published in October 2020 to highlight the proper method and purpose of using personal data.

Calvin Xie, General Manager for FCM China said, “Personal data is often required when helping travelers to make their bookings for the generation of PNR (Passenger Name Record). As part of the updated regulation which requires service providers in China to ensure that all sensitive data be stored in China, and PNR required information belonging to the sensitive data category, it was imperative for us to provide a solution to assure travelers and set a standard for user privacy and security.”

In addition, FCM will soon launch its China edition of SAM, also known as Smart Assistant for Mobile. Positioned as a travel assistant powered by AI, the app helps travelers while they are on the move, from booking of flights, hotels and ground transport to updates on weather and traffic conditions and changes in boarding gates at the airport. The China edition will be powered by two leading Chinese technology companies WeChat and Udesk and provide a live chat solution between FCM’s travel consultants and travelers, allowing for instant messaging communication for travelers while on the go.