Guangzhou airport becomes world's busiest airport in 2020
01/27/2021|9:37:31 PM|Global Times

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport was the world's busiest airport with 43.768 million passengers in 2020, the airport said on Monday, the first time for a Chinese airport to reach this ranking.

The data broke the record of the Atlanta International Airport in the US after 22 years.

Baiyun airport, one of China's three giant airports along with those in Beijing and Shanghai, noted that passenger throughput in 2018 was 69.74 million, ranking 13th globally, and it climbed to 11th place in 2019 with 73.39 million. 

Although the passenger throughput of Baiyun airport in 2020 was 40% lower than in 2019, it surpassed Atlanta airport, which is still in a downturn, and became the world's busiest airport for the first time.

Baiyun Airport has gone far beyond the transportation and operation management of an airport, Zhang Kejian, chairman of the Guangdong Airport Authority, said on Monday, adding the result is the best reward for all parties to work together to fight against the epidemic.

The airport said that its operations were significantly affected by the epidemic at the beginning of last year, as in February, passenger flow fell to a "freezing point" of 967,000.

But activity started to pick up in March 2020, and the performance continued to improve for 10 consecutive months. In July 2020, the capacity ranked first in China, and during the eight days of the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holidays, a total of 1.33 million passengers were carried and 10,100 planes took off and landed, a record high since the outbreak of the coronavirus. 

In November 2020, Baiyun became the only domestic airport to exceed 5 million passengers after the outbreak.

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