Honeywell inks huge aircraft retrofit deal with Chinese airline
01/07/2021|4:21:41 PM|Bizjournals

Phoenix-based Honeywell Aerospace has entered a five-year agreement with China’s Sichuan Airlines to provide a key piece of power equipment for the carrier’s A320 aircraft fleet.

Honeywell’s 131-9A auxiliary power units, or APUs, will be installed in 93 new A320s that will enter service by 2025. Sichuan’s current fleet of 141 A320s, will also be updated with the Honeywell units, making this Honeywell’s largest-ever APU retrofit deal.

Honeywell declined to disclose the monetary value of the deal.

The APUs provide electrical power and air conditioning while planes are on the ground, supplying the air source before pilots start the main engines.

Sichuan Airlines said the units will reduce flight delays and cancellations and create a more pleasant experience for passengers.

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