China's new entry restrictions make travel harder for Canada's P.E.I. residents
12/15/2020|2:06:23 PM|CBC News

The latest requirements for travel to China are making it hard for people trying to get there from the Prince Edward Island of Canada.

Before boarding, many foreign countries now require proof of a negative COVID-19 test, within the past 72 hours. But recently, the Chinese government added to that, requiring a serology test as well. That test has to have taken place 48 hours prior to departure for China.

The serology antibody test at private clinics is accessible in larger urban centres in other parts of Canada, but right now, people can't get the test on P.E.I. With this new rule, people headed to China from P.E.I. now have to arrange to go to one of those larger centres, get the test, and then continue with their trip.   

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