China bans Italians from entry
11/16/2020|11:57:10 AM|Traveldaily Media

Due to the current spread of COVID-19 in Italy, China bans Italians temporarily from entry for citizens residing in Italy in possession of Chinese visas and residence permits “for work, private business and family reunification”.

This was reported in a note published on the website of the Chinese embassy in Rome, specifying that the same embassy and the consulates general of China in Italy “no longer provide the services of validation of the declaration of health to the aforementioned applicants.”

“This suspension does not apply to holders of diplomatic, service, courtesy, type ‘C’ visas and visas issued from November 3, 2020 onwards,” continues the note, “Foreign citizens who have to go to China for extreme urgent need, they can apply for visas at the Chinese embassy and consulates general in Italy.”

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