Hilton's focus on families in new promotion
08/18/2020|11:30:20 AM|Shine

Global hospitality giant Hilton has joined with global play and entertainment company Hasbro to bring a variety of child-oriented amenities and themed dining activities focusing on Hasbro's popular IPs.

It has also announced a CleanStay program to boost recovery of the hospitality industry as the pandemic wanes.

China's summer tourism market is recovering rapidly and the occupancy rate of the Hilton group's hotels in China has rebounded to more than 60 percent on average at present, it announced on Monday.

There has been a significant increase in the business and leisure tourism market, and the growth of occupancy rate has been more obvious at hotels in popular tourist destinations and resorts since July, it said.

Hotels featuring a good surrounding natural environment and rooms and activities for children are particularly favored, it said.

With the developing consumption power of the post-1990-born parents, more families choose traveling as their preferred way to spend their leisure time together, and a recent survey by China Tourism Academy revealed that nearly 90 percent of interviewees with children planned to travel with their children within the year.

People are placing more value on the family due to COVID-19 and seeking , a safe, hassle-free, comfortable and family-friendly hospitality experience, the group said.

In a yearlong collaboration, My Little Pony, Transformers, and Monopoly IP-themed afternoon teas, outdoor barbecues, and other dining activities will be hosted at over 40 Hilton group hotels in China.

A family offering consisting of a series tailor-made gifts and themed dining will also be launched under the plan. A special Hilton version of Monopoly will be introduced for the whole family to play together.

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