Solomon Islands plans direct flight to China
07/24/2020|5:18:47 PM|Solomon Times

A charter flight is currently being planned to bring personnel from the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

Chairman of the National Hosting Authority, Dr. Jimmie Rodgers says consultations are underway to bring in 19 personnel from PRC as part of preparation work for the Pacific Games in 2023.

Rodgers says the government has been talking with the PRC.

“Now we have a date to work towards which is towards the end of August. With that date, we will speak with Solomon Airlines and we will ask Solomon Airlines to organize a route that will have Solomon Airlines going straight to China and pick up and come back”, Rodgers says.

He says the aircraft cannot do the long distance in one haul thus they will have to do a routing with one or two stops to and from China.

He says another option is for the officers to travel commercially but with the closure of international borders, traveling at this time of COVID-19 pandemic is proving to be very difficult.

Rodgers says it will be much easier for the government to arrange the local airline to bring in the officials.

“This will be a shared cost”, Rodgers says.

“If the airline can have a full plane of 144 seats, all the better”, he says.

He says they have agreed on a date and if the numbers are big then Solomon Airlines will give them a schedule and this will become a charter.

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