Kayak.com offers advertisers a chance to reach its audience with graphical ads
07/22/2007|10:37:00 PM|Eyefortravel
Travel Ad Network (TAN), a vertical ad network in travel, has become the exclusive sales representative for the ad inventory in travel search engine Kayak.com’s weekly Trip Ideas newsletter. (7/19/2007)

TAN will also represent inventory in Kayak’s daily Fare Alerts and Buzz Alerts. This is also the first time that advertisers will be able to reach the Kayak audience with graphical ads.

“Kayak’s audience is actively in the process of researching, planning or buying trips, accommodations and transportation,” said Cree Lawson, Founder and CEO of TAN. “It is just the kind of audience that the travel industry wants to reach. That hundreds of thousands of site visitors have pre-qualified their interests by opting-in to the daily or weekly emails is an affirmation of Kayak´s power and loyalty. We are pleased to have Kayak as a partner.”

The Kayak newsletter, a weekly, is described as a “mix of unique travel destinations, one-of-a-kind themes, and pop-culture infused humour” e-mailed every Wednesday. A Destination Spotlight in the emails will give tourism destinations a particularly prominent position to promote themselves to Kayak subscribers. Consumers who have opted-in to receive Fare Alerts and Buzz Alerts specify where and when they want to travel, along with the price they want to pay. Kayak then searches millions of available flights and alerts the user when the fare meets or beats their desired price. Users can request alerts either daily or weekly.