DerbySoft expands metasearch coverage for hotels around the world
06/18/2020|6:16:47 PM|Hotel News Resource

DerbySoft, the leader in high-performance digital marketing and distribution services for the hotel industry, today announced the launch of DSCP, a new solution for hotels and agencies to reach missing or lost metasearch opportunities in regional markets.

As a part of this new program, DerbySoft has already established partnerships with a number of regional metasearch channels including Wego, Hotelscan, StayMogul, Hotelvoy and Idealo with more partnerships coming on board weekly.

DerbySoft understands the obstacles that prevent hotel brands from connecting to all the regional channels and created the DSCP (DerbySoft Commission Program) to address these issues. The DSCP offers hotels full coverage on a growing number of regional channels where the brands can boost their visibility and revenue. The regional channels offer great value that include increased visibility for hotel brands and growth in direct traffic and localized marketing.

The DSCP offers many benefits for hotels including Zero Effort and no bidding optimization after implementation with Full Coverage on the available channels within a single bundle as well as offering Risk Free payment terms where customers pay only for consumed bookings with a standardized commission across all of the channels.

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