New data shows Facebook & Google ads effectiveness is fueled by TV advertising
06/17/2020|5:53:15 PM|Techbuzzireland

The Facebook and Google duopoly now account for 60% of all digital advertising expenditure globally or USD $144.6 billion, but their success is clearly being propped by TV advertising who continues to be the most effective medium at brand building and driving online clicks, according to an advertising analysis report by ViewersLogic

The data shows that consumers who clicked on an online ad or visited the advertisers’ website, watched on average 39% more TV ads by that advertiser in the previous week than users who did not click on an ad or visit the website. Users who visited the brands’ websites watched an average of 28% more adverts and users who clicked on a Google ad saw an average of 42% more TV ads.

The best performing sectors were gambling and online clothes, where those who interacted online with brands – were exposed to 68% and 47% respectively – more TV adverts than those who hadn’t. 

Because the travel industry has been severely affected over the last three months, ViewersLogic did the analysis until the end of February and saw that users who interacted with travel brands were exposed, on average, to 25% more TV ads in the week before, than those who did not interact with these brands. 

Jet2 had the best performing TV campaign in this sector and those who interacted with the brand online had watched 45% more Jet2 TV ads. Their TV campaign has a specifically good effect on their FB advertising where people who clicked on a FB ad, were exposed to 77% more Jet2 TV adverts than other users. 

Perhaps surprisingly, one the biggest travel brands internationally, had a poor cross-media campaign and users who interacted with the brand saw only 7% more TV ads of this brand, compared to other users.

ViewersLogic’s single-source data shows unequivocally that TV drives online traffic but in recent years online advertising became the tool of choice for marketers because it offered better measurability than TV advertising. 

For Henry Daglish, the founder of boutique marketing agency Bountiful Cow this new data provides compelling evidence that marketing campaigns need to be more aligned across TV and online to drive sales effectively through advertising. 

Other studies have shown a clear correlation between a decrease in sales and a reduction in TV ad spend, not only TV advertising has an immediate impact on sales but it is also proved that it manages to significantly enhance the impact of digital advertising. 

Despite compelling evidence, recently released data by Media Audits shows that TV now account for less than a quarter of ad expenditure in the UK compared to online with over 50%, and this is predicted decline even further this year. With the cost of an advertising slot on TV becoming considerable cheaper, its proven effectiveness at brand building and driving online traffic, is it time for smart brands to get back on TV?

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