US to revise Chinese flight ban
06/05/2020|6:28:13 PM|Reuters

The US Transportation Department will relax its previously-announced ban on Chinese passenger flights in the coming days to allow some flights to continue, reported Reuters, citing US government and airline officials. 

Washington announced earlier that it intended to bar the Chinese airlines from flying to the United States by June 16 due to China's curbs on US carriers. The announcement was followed by China's decision to ease travel restrictions and allow in more foreign carriers. 

The US airlines which will be able to resume flights to China starting on June 8 objected to China’s plan of allowing only one flight per week, according to a Bloomberg report

The CAAC said all airlines can increase the number of international flights involving China to two per week if none of their passengers test positive for COVID-19 for three consecutive weeks.

If five or more passengers on one flight test positive upon arrival, the CAAC will bar the airline for a week. Airlines would be suspended for four weeks if 10 passengers or more test positive.