OCT to invest in Phoenix Valley eco-tourism project
06/05/2020|1:39:15 PM|InterPark

The OCT Group, the largest theme park operator in China, is to invest RMB 15bn (approx. US$2.11bn) in the Phoenix Valley eco-tourism project.

The Phoenix Valley eco-tourism project is aimed at being a leading tourism resort, featuring cultural facilities, historical education, a mountain sports adventure park, as well as a business and family entertainment area.

OCT plans to invest more than RMB 10bn (approx. US$1.40bn) in the first phase of the project which will include a children’s discovery park, a military-themed adventure park, a mountain resort hotel, and other cultural and entertainment facilities.

The second phase of the project will comprise of the building of the fantasy adventure valley, and an extreme discovery park. The second phase has an investment of RMB 5bn (approx. US$0.70bn).

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