BookingBuilder and Worldspan to bring new content to travel agency desktop
07/17/2007|8:56:00 AM|Eyefortravel
Travel technology provider Worldspan and BookingBuilder Technologies have jointly announced the new subscriber services agreement. (7/13/2007)

As per the deal, Worldspan travel agency subscribers in the United States and Canada have gained preferred access to the advanced BookingBuilder Desktop for shopping and booking travel products from travel supplier websites.

Seth Perelman, CEO, BookingBuilder Technologies said, “BookingBuilder offers a secure interface to the sites of low-cost airlines around the world, including the most complete Southwest Airlines access available, several European airlines and many small airlines, and other non-GDS content.”

According to a release, the preferred services agreement between Worldspan and BookingBuilder breaks new ground in making non-GDS content accessible to the agency community. Previously, products like this have required payment commitments. Under the new agreement, BookingBuilder Desktop will be available to Worldspan agencies for a small transaction fee, with no monthly fees or usage commitments.

“This means that agencies that have been reluctant to make long-term financial commitments will now have access to the tools and content they need,” said Kathy Fitzpatrick, Worldspan VP - North America Sales and Worldwide Travel Supplier Solutions. Existing customers will have the option to stay with their current pricing or switch to the new model.

“The BookingBuilder Desktop is fully synchronised with the Worldspan GDS and takes the time and complexity out of searching and creating bookings on supplier websites. The software is intuitive and completely automates the shopping and booking process for travel agents. In addition to notifying agents which suppliers serve a specific market, BookingBuilder automatically opens a supplier’s website, enters a travel agent’s search request and populates fields with traveler profile data when the agent is ready to book. The software also places booking confirmation details into the Worldspan GDS,” stated an official release.

Worldspan travel agencies can sign up with BookingBuilder through a link in the Worldspan Go! Resource Center, download the BookingBuilder Desktop software in less than three minutes and learn to use it in one brief online training session.