China to its nationals: do not transit two Schengen countries consecutively
05/21/2020|11:12:28 AM|Schengen Visa Info

The Chinese Embassy in Ireland has reminded its passport holders stuck in the Schengen Area due to border closures, travel bans and other restrictions amid the Coronavirus outbreak that they must not transit two Schengen countries at one time.

Through a notice published on its website, the Chinese Embassy notes that many Chinese citizens are planning to return to China with repatriation flights from the Schengen countries such as the Netherlands and Belgium, while many remain in these countries unable to return.

Yet, the Embassy reminds these citizens that they must not transit in two or more Schengen Area countries consecutively as they may face penalties.

“At present, the European Union has imposed entry restrictions on the response to the new coronary disease, even a valid Schengen visa cannot grant you access to the transit channel within the Schengen area, which will result in detention or deportation,”the notice reads.

It also reminds Chinese citizens that the Schengen countries have specific requirements and time for transit; therefore, those transiting any Schengen country must leave within 24 hours.

“If you have more than 24 hours or if you have checked baggage [in Belgium], you must apply for a visa in advance; otherwise you will be deported. Other Schengen countries have similar requirements. Please check carefully before purchasing air tickets,” it concludes.

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