China’s organized outbound tours reached 14.62 million in Q4 2019
05/20/2020|9:39:19 AM|ChinaTravelNews

Recently, China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) has published the statistical survey of travel agencies nation-wide in Q4 2019.

As of December 31, 2019, China had a total of 38,943 travel agencies nation-wide. Nearly 80% of them (30,995) submitted their operational data in the regular national survey.

Inbound travel

Organized inbound visits to China totaled 3.4 million in the fourth quarter of 2019, and the total number of inbound visitors handled was 4.88 million.

The top visitor source markets for China were Taiwan (17%), Hong Kong(16%), Macau(10%), South Korea(7%), Japan(5%), United States(5%), Malaysia(5%), Singapore(4%), Thailand(4%)and Russia(4%)during the period.

Domestic travel

A total of 49.63 million travelers joined organized domestic tours in the quarter, and the total number of domestic travelers handled was 50.73 million during the period. 

The most popular destinations for organized domestic tours were Jiangsu(15%), Guangdong (12%), Zhejiang(10%), Fujian(8%), Shanghai(7%), Chongqing(6%), Shandong(6%), Hubei(6%), Hunan(5%)and Liaoning(3%).

Outbound travel

The number of travelers taking organized outbound tours reached 14.62 million, and they stayed a total of 76.13 million days overseas.

The most popular outbound destination during the period was still Thailand (19%), followed by Japan (14%), Vietnam (7%), Taiwan (7%), Malaysia (5%), Macao (4%), Singapore (4%), Hong Kong (4%), South Korea (3%) and Indonesia (3%).