China takes the first step to restart group tours
05/18/2020|11:37:27 AM|ChinaTravelNews

China is taking steps in restoring its leisure group-tour activities by first allowing southern province Guangdong to resume intra-provincial group travel.

Travel agencies in Guangdong are now allowed to operate group tours within the province, according to a notice they’ve received from the Department of Culture and Tourism of Guangdong Province since May 16. 

But inter-provincial or cross-border tours are yet to be restored, according to the regulatory notice. 

Local news outlet Southern Metropolis Daily reported that many tour operators are planning to restart their first group tour on May 19, China's Tourism Day. 

Some industry observers said the move is a positive signal for China to gradually restart its travel and tourism business, though it’s currently just on an intra-provincial level. (Translated by Jerry)