Genesis enhances its FareSpider low cost air and hotel booking system
07/12/2007|9:55:00 AM|Eyefortravel
Genesis Travel Distribution System has enhanced its FareSpider low cost air and hotel booking system to overcome new barriers to combining one way discount fare segments. (7/10/2007)

On the new developments in the industry, the company pointed to some carriers, which have recently created new and more stringent pricing rules which inadvertently prevent combining various discount fares in one booking record. The result of these more rigid pricing routines is to automatically push segments into a higher booking class, and higher fare, which does permit combinations.

With Genesis’ new FareForcer, itineraries are “forced” into any available desired booking class, regardless of combinability rules, and using traditional segment select pricing logic, each discount one way fare component is priced and stored separately in one Passenger Name Record (PNR). The resulting transaction enables the travel agent to seamlessly issue multiple tickets from one PNR, each autopriced at the low, discounted one way fare level.

“As carriers move towards more and more one way fares, it has been very frustrating that traditional fare construction routines have not kept pace with autopricing logic for combining one way “non-combinable” fares. Combination logic was designed and intended to prevent various non-compatible half-roundtrips from being combined to form a roundtrip or circle trip itinerary. It was never the intent to prevent one way fares from being combined end-on-end in the same itinerary. With FareForcer, Genesis’ FareSpider booking tool overcomes traditional PNR booking restrictions and creates new opportunities to use multiple one way fares competitively and efficiently in one PNR,” said Bruce Bishins, President, Genesis.