Hundreds of hotels in Wuhan call for financial aid after providing free rooms for medical workers
04/16/2020|3:18:28 PM|SupChina

Hundreds of hotels in Wuhan have teamed up on an open letter calling on the local government to issue financial assistance after they provided free accommodation for medical workers battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

The initiative was created by Hotel Apartment Volunteer Union, an online community of more than 300 independent hotel owners and apartment building landlords who voluntarily provided free accommodation for healthcare workers.  

The letter calls for a series of aid packages and incentive measures from the Wuhan government to assist their businesses. The methods mentioned in the letter included financial aid, loan programs, rent relief, and vouchers designed to boost consumption in tourism.

According to the alliance, since Wuhan was placed under lockdown in January, over 300 hotels in the city have offered to house medical personnel for free. By its estimates, as of last week, when Wuhan ended its lockdown, these hotels have collectively provided 200,000 nights of free stays for healthcare workers, valued in total at more than 20 million yuan ($2.83 million).

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