Anvil Group acquires airline safety advisory firm FlightSafe
04/08/2020|1:01:21 PM|BTN

Global risk management firm Anvil Group has announced the acquisition of airline safety advisory service FlightSafe.

Covering more than 1,100 scheduled airlines operating in more than 180 countries, FlightSafe’s safety assessments and airline risk information provide a rational and quantified basis for stakeholders to determine air travel safety policies to protect travelers.

The platform compiles data using the Airline Safety Assessment Mechanism (ASAM), which assesses the relative safety of scheduled commercial airlines. It is based on a carrier’s past accident record and other factors. FlightSafe said the results are not intended to provide absolute advice on whether or not to travel with a specific provider, but rather to use as part of a wider system of establishing safe air travel policies.

FlightSafe will continue to be available via its current online platform, with Anvil Group saying it will see a number of technical enhancements.

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