China will send out planes to the UK to repatriate oversea students
04/02/2020|2:38:10 PM|Mail Online

China will arrange flights to the UK on April 2 to help overseas students return home amid the coronavirus pandemic, an official announced yesterday.

Hua Chunying, a spokesperson from China’s Foreign Ministry, said the decision came after ‘considering the current epidemic situation in the UK and the variety of challenges faced by the local Chinese students.’

It comes as overseas Chinese are scrambling to get a ticket to fly home as China is now deemed to be a safe harbor while the new cases and deaths soar in Europe.

China has previously sent out planes to Italy and Iran to transfer overseas students back home, Ms. Hua said at a press conference in Beijing on April 1.

‘We will increase the number of temporary flights to the UK on April 2 to facilitate the return of overseas students who have difficulties,' Ms. Hua continued. But the number of such flights is yet to be confirmed.

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