COVID-19 cuts China air travel capacity by 80%
03/20/2020|10:52:07 AM|eTN

Four-fifths of flight capacity between China and the rest of the world has been cut back as a consequence of the coronavirus outbreak.

In response to emergency government regulations, seat cancellations began in early February and by the third week of the month, only 20% of seats remained in service.

Asia has experienced the greatest impact in terms of the total number of seats lost, at around 5.4 million in March. In percentage terms, travel to North America is worst affected: American, United, Delta, and Air Canada canceled all their flights to mainland China; and Chinese carriers cut their capacity by 70%. Between China and Europe, over 2,500 flights have been axed in March: the three major Chinese carriers cut capacity by 69%; while BA, Lufthansa, and Finnair ceased their services completely. Qantas and Air New Zealand also stopped flying to China, which left only about 200 flights in March to Oceania, provided by Chinese airlines.

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