US agency group signs for Comtec/Amadeus system
07/08/2007|12:09:00 PM|Travelmole

05 July, 2007: Comtec has made inroads into the US and Canada by working with Amadeus to supply selling system for travel marketing group

The EZGuider system is beig developed exclusively for´s members who represent 5,100 agency outlets.

Users will be able to research, plan, quote and book cruise, tour, insurance and ancillary travel products on the web-based system when it is launched in the autumn. 

Steve Tracas, president and CEO of, said:  "As our industry continues to grow in both complexity and volume, we are continually developing new tools for our members to ensure they stay competitive and ahead of the industry. This platform will raise the bar in making our agents more efficient and brings more value to their clients."