LvYue's BeU Hotel achieves average OCC of over 80% in India
02/25/2020|2:50:31 PM|Yahoo

LvYue's first BeU Hotel has gotten positive feedback, with the average OCC (Occupancy) of the hotel reaching over 80% since its opening on September 2019.

There are several BeU hotels in the process of renovations and are expected to be available soon. This year, BeU will open hotels in the main regions of India, including Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai and so on.

BeU's target is to become the largest standardized business hotel chain in India. To fully adapt to the Indian market, BeU has been localized since the brand was created. BeU mainly provides services for domestic customers in India, and most of its employees are Indian, which has realized the 'soft landing' of Chinese brand in the Indian market.

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