Lufthansa introduces community toolbars, boosts sales
07/06/2007|10:21:00 AM|Eyefortravel
Lufthansa has deployed Conduit’s community toolbar solution to provide users with real-time updates on flight status, destination weather, seat availability and more. (7/4/2007)

The airline witnessed more than 1,000 downloads, three weeks post the launch of Lufthansa toolbars (such as, according to Annika Baum, e-Business and Online Sales Manager, Lufthansa.

“It’s an enormously useful tool for customer outreach and we’re amazed by the reception from our customers – they simply love it,” said Baum, adding that the initiative has already had a significant impact on sales.

With Conduit-powered community toolbars, according to a release, travel sites deliver updates straight to the browser in real-time. Therefore, even if a user navigates away from the travel site and does not check their email, the information is instantly available via the community toolbar. “Conduit is a natural fit for the fast-paced, high-touch nature of travel industry customer service, marketing and customer outreach,” said Ronen Shilo, CEO, Conduit. “The travel industry can achieve higher sales, increased brand awareness and a valuable 24/7 connection with customers through Conduit.”