New Amadeus Electronic Ticketing Direct removes one of last barriers to industry-wide e-ticketing
07/06/2007|10:12:00 AM|Amadeus
Madrid, Spain, 02 July, 2007: Amadeus, a global leader in technology and distribution solutions for the travel and tourism industry, is stepping up the drive to eliminate the last barriers to industry-wide e-ticketing. The company´s latest e-ticketing solution, Amadeus Electronic Ticketing Direct, enables airlines to issue e-tickets in non-Billing and Settlement Plan markets .

There are approximately 40 countries without a BSP, preventing a number of airlines from implementing e-ticketing on a worldwide basis. Amadeus Electronic Ticketing Direct, part of Amadeus´ electronic ticketing portfolio, will allow airlines operating in these countries to sell and receive payment for e-tickets via the Amadeus system, and thereby enable them to meet the extended IATA Simplifying the Business deadline at the end of May 2008. The new solution will make it possible for airlines to also sell through select non-IATA travel agents, widening their distribution and capturing greater revenue.

"Even though IATA has extended the e-ticketing deadline until the end of May 2008, it is still very much in everyone´s interest to continue striving to meet this goal as early as possible. Global e-ticket penetration is now pushing 80%, but there still remain a few barriers to complete adoption. As IATA´s preferred e-ticketing partner, we are committed to helping the industry overcome these," commented Frédéric Spagnou, Vice-President, Airline Business Group, Amadeus.

In 2006, Amadeus, together with Hahn Air, also implemented a solution to deliver interline e-ticketing capability to airlines with limited resources or limited distribution in certain markets.

An undisputed leader in the provision of e-ticketing solutions

In the distribution arena, Amadeus continues to lead efforts to support paper-free travel. The company has grown its e-ticket distribution network – the largest in the industry - to include 209 airlines and 144 markets. To date, 78% of tickets issued through the Amadeus System are e-tickets.

On the purely technological front, Amadeus also has agreements with 65 airlines to fully host their complete e-ticketing activities and to date, has built the IT links to enable 394 interline agreements between airlines. These figures are far ahead of those achieved by any of Amadeus´ competitors.

The benefits of e-ticketing are considerable. E-tickets are cheaper to issue, harder to counterfeit and better facilitate self service kiosks at airports. In addition to increasing the security and speed of ticket data they provide a basis for distribution analysis with real-time information on tickets, fares, customers and the sales channels. Their flexibility, combined with to-the-minute accountability, opens up new possibilities for revenue management and last minute sales. IATA estimates that full e-ticketing will generate industry savings of US $3 billion per year.