AAPA: ‘Arbitrary restrictions and blanket travel bans’ hurt the public
02/10/2020|3:18:12 PM|Asian Aviation

The head of the Association of Asia-Pacific Airlines (AAPA) said travel bans and canceled flights imposed to deal with the global outbreak of the Wuhan novel coronavirus were hurting the industry and were a disservice to the flying public.

Outgoing AAPA Director General Andrew Herdman said the blanker travel bans, government-imposed quarantine measures and other restrictions, while “well-intentioned, seem to lack any proper public health justification, whilst causing significant and widespread disruption to travel and trade activities across the world.  Arbitrary restrictions and blanket travel bans are inconsistent with international health regulations and result in unnecessary inconvenience and added uncertainty among members of the public. Governments in Asia and elsewhere must strengthen dialogue and work together…to develop a more comprehensive strategy and globally co-ordinated set of policy measures in response to the current outbreak.”

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