AirAsia cancels flights to Wuhan
01/24/2020|9:15:54 PM|Star Online

With the Chinese authorities ordering a lockdown of Wuhan to contain the novel coronavirus from spreading, AirAsia and Malindo Air have canceled flights to the city with immediate effect.

In a travel advisory, AirAsia said all its flights from Kota Kinabalu, Bangkok and Phuket to Wuhan would be temporarily canceled until Jan 28.

AirAsia flies from Kota Kinabalu to Wuhan once a day, while its flights from Phuket and Bangkok fly to the city once and twice a day, respectively.

China has imposed a quarantine on Wuhan with its people now barred from leaving the city.

It has been reported that all its public transportation services such as buses, subways, and ferries have stopped operating, as well as its airport, closed to outgoing passengers.

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